Attorney at law
Robert Percy Meiser

It is the combination of knowledge required, years of experience and the perseverance to be successful and make things work out…

Attorney at law Robert Percy Meiser

German Attorney – Robert Percy Meiser

Foresight through many years of experience as an advocate

– Admitted to the bar since 1996.

– Authorised to represent clients at all German local, regional and higher regional courts.

– Many years of experience in handling complex and cross-border matters in various fields of law.

– Extensive network at home and abroad with existing partnerships and cooperation agreements.

Kanzlei Robert Percy Meiser in Frankfurt

Fields of activity

Strategic approach to achieve the desired success

– Strategic legal advice to small and medium-sized companies in the field of civil law (commercial and corporate law, contract and labour law).

– Representation in court in various fields of law.

– Comprehensive legal advice in the area of immigration and settlement of foreign business enterprises and start-ups.

– Legal support and coordination of transactions in the energy sector (oil and gas commodity trading).

– Legal advice and coordination in the area of capital acquisition (mezzanine and equity capital).

– Data protection officer

Kanzlei Rechtsanwalt Robert Percy Meiser in Frankfurt

Practice areas

Expertise through different practice areas

– Out-of-court and in-court representation in the area of civil law (national and international contract law, commercial and corporate law, labour, traffic and family law) as well as in individual areas of criminal law.

– Out-of-court and court representation in the area of administrative law with a focus on residence and Freedom of Movement Act/EU, including filing of applications to obtain work and residence permits via German embassies abroad worldwide.

– Data protection, DS-GVO, BDSG, TMG

– Certified data protection officer